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LeBron James Will Have His First Losing Season In The NBA Since His Rookie Year

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have been very poor this season. The Lakers have are currently 16 games below the .500 mark, and are very close to missing the NBA playoffs this season. This could go down as the worst season LeBron has had to endure since joining the league. 

And Reddit user u/the_toe_ pointed out that it could be, as he hasn’t been on the losing end this much since his rookie season in the league.

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 31-47 for the season. When they’ve had LeBron on the court, they have a 25-31 record. Whereas without LeBron, they have a 6-16 record. Comparing this to LeBron’s rookie season, the Cavaliers were 35-47 for the season. With James, the Cavs had a 33-46 record, and a 2-1 record without LeBron James. This could be LeBron’s worst season when it comes to wins and losses.

LeBron James’ Season Records – 2003/04 Vs. 2021/22

2003/04 Season

Record With LeBron: 33-46

Record Without LeBron: 2-1

Total Record: 35-47

2021/22 Season

Record With LeBron: 25-31

Record Without LeBron: 6-16

Total Record: 31-47 (4 games remaining)

SourceReddit user u/the_toe_

This Reddit user also pointed out that in LeBron’s rookie season, he had a very poor opening 25 games, going 6-19 in those games. For the rest of the 54 games LeBron played in that season, he had an even 27-27 record. So if we exclude LeBron’s first 25 games, LeBron has never had an individual season where he had a losing record. And now, regardless of how many games he plays, he will have a losing record.

The Los Angeles Lakers are no longer in control of their destiny. The San Antonio Spurs will need to win just 2 more games this week to eliminate the Los Angeles Lakers from playoff contention.

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