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Lakers Reportedly Expected To Make An Obvious Coaching Change

It i
s being reported that the Lakers are expected to fire Vogel at the end of the season.

Although Vogel has done great things for LA and helped lead them to a Finals victory, there is no doubt that things have fallen apart this season, and a change is needed.

But Vogel’s eventual firing raises a lot of other questions too.

The Chopping Block

Speculation about Vogel’s demise has persisted all season, once it became obvious that the Lakers weren’t the winning machine that some had hoped for.

The team took a big chance in the last offseason when they traded away nearly all of their assets to land Russell Westbrook.

As everyone knows, the Lakers-Westbrook experiment hasn’t worked very well.

Part of that is because of Vogel since it seems like he was never able to figure out a lineup and rotation that worked.

But Vogel’s firing won’t be the only change the Lakers make.

Many expect the team to move heaven and earth to get rid of Westbrook and there are other players who might be sent away too, up to and possibly including Anthony Davis.

That’s right, LA is intent on doing whatever they must to build a strong, healthy team around LeBron James who reportedly only has a few more seasons in him before retirement.

Vogel will definitely get the ax when the offseason starts.

But you should expect to hear a lot more breaking news coming from the Lakers front office soon after that.

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