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NBA Rumors Connect Doc Rivers To The Lakers

The latest rumors from the Los Angeles Lakers say that head coach Frank Vogel is going to be fired as soon as the offseason begins.

If that does indeed happen, it would leave a huge vacancy in the NBA.

Even though they are playing terribly, the Lakers are still a legendary team and many people would jump at the chance to coach them.

Apparently, the Lakers already have a candidate in mind to take Vogel’s place.

ke Fischer of Bleacher Report says that Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers has been mentioned as a potential candidate not only for the Lakers position but also for the Utah Jazz as well.

Landing Rivers would be a huge deal for either team and could greatly improve their chances – but will Rivers decide to do it?

Doc Back To LA

The news about Rivers possibly coming back to Los Angeles (he famously coached the Clippers from 2013 to 2020) comes after a rumor of slight unrest inside the 76ers about Rivers’ coaching.

Rivers would bring a lot of experience and skill with him and would give the Lakers (or Jazz) a championship-winning coach who could hopefully get the teams in order.

Make no mistake: the Lakers want to win the Finals as soon as possible.

They have a clock ticking down until the time that LeBron James decides to retire.

LA only has a limited amount of time to win another ring and so they want to hire a coach who can get them to the top as soon as possible.

There are few coaches more well-known or respected as Rivers so it would make sense for the team to sign him.

It doesn’t guarantee success but he can definitely help.

Right now, the Lakers need all the help they can get.

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