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Lakers Have One Final Chance To Save Their Playoff Lives

It has been said again and again throughout this season but it’s really true this time: the Los Angeles Lakers are running out of time.

In fact, their season could officially be over within a few hours, marking the end of one of the most troubled and disappointing seasons in Lakers’ history.

As S
tateMuse points out, if the San Antonio Spurs win against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night and the Los Angeles Lakers lose to the Phoenix Suns, LA will be eliminated from play-in contention.

That would be a shocking conclusion to this season, but what are the chances of it happening?

Bye Bye Bron?

The Suns are 3-0 against the Lakers this season and have won every single game by double digits.

To make matters worse, both LeBron James and Anthony Davis are listed as questionable for the game against the Lakers.

In other words, there is a good chance they will fall to the Suns.

Now, will the Spurs beat the Nuggets?

That’s harder to predict but it’s not completely impossible.

Even if the Lakers end up winning all of their final four games, they would need the Spurs to go 1-3 in their final four in order for LA to get the tenth seed.

When you look at it that way, it seems very likely that things will be over for LA soon.

This means that the long summer of rebuilding will begin.

Everything needs to go right for the Lakers if they want to even have a chance to make the playoffs.

And so far this season, it seems like nothing has gone right for them.

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