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Kevin Love Reveals How LeBron James Reacted To Winning The Razzie For Worst Actor: “There Is Nothing Off-Limits. And We Have A Bond That Will Never Be Broken…”

LeBron James tried to create something good with ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy,’ but things didn’t play out as the King expected. The movie did incredibly well with kids, who loved what they saw on the big screen. However, the critics weren’t as nice to him, blasting the movie and James’ performance. 

The confirmation that his acting was terrible took place a couple of weeks ago when he won the Razzie for several categories, including the worst actor

Dribbling into second place with three “wins” was Space Jam: A New Legacy, more of a remake than a sequel, called out as a 115 minute commercial for all things WarnerMedia. Basketball phenom LeBron James was the MVP in both Worst Actor and Worst Screen Couple (along with all those cartoon co-stars and product plugs) while the film itself was chosen Worst Remake/Rip-Off or Sequel. 

A lot of people reacted to this, including LeBron’s long-time friend Kevin Love, who didn’t miss his chance to troll the 4x NBA champion. Love recently explained what he said to LeBron and how the King took that. Apparently, James was just cool with that, having fun with his friend and nothing else. 

Via FanSided:

“When he got the Razzie for worst actor, we sent him that we thought that was pretty funny,” Love said. “But now he takes everything in stride. There is nothing off-limits. And we have a bond that will never be broken, especially in the way that we not only won that series but how we operated throughout the entire season, just having so much fun, that bond will never be broken. I’ll be seeing those guys. You know, in June for my wedding.”

These two have starred in some interesting moments recently. LeBron posterized Love in one of their recent encounters, with KL taking revenge after the game. James was even worried about not being invited to Kevin’s wedding, but the Cavalier shut that down. Their relationship is stronger than ever and they’ll share a special moment in a couple of months. When that time arrives, we know there’ll be a lot of jokes for both Love and James.

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