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NBA Fans Roast Lakers After They Get Eliminated From Playoff Contention: “Biggest Superteam Failure Of All-Time.”

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a subpar team for the majority of the season. There’s no doubt that they have disappointed as they were expected to be a championship contender, and they’re far from that.

Even though the Los Angeles Lakers haven’t looked like a stellar team this year, many people held out hope for a potential late-season run, and perhaps a playoff appearance via the play-in tournament.

Unfortunately for the Los Angeles Lakers, they will not even be appearing in the play-in tournament. The Phoenix Suns blew them out today, and the San Antonio Spurs ended up winning their matchup against the Denver Nuggets. A loss and win from the Spurs mean that the Lakers are officially eliminated from play-in tournament and by extension playoff contention.

A lot of Lakers fans reacted to the team getting eliminated and blown out by the Phoenix Suns. It is clear that Lakers fans were not happy, while other fans took the opportunity to roast the Lakers and their squad.

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