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Anthony Davis On The Lakers: “This Year We Had More Starting Lineups Than We Had Wins.”

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 31-48, and they have recently been eliminated from playoff contention. There’s no doubt that they have been a disappointing roster this season.

Part of the reason for the Los Angeles Lakers’ failure to gel together and build chemistry was injuries. LeBron James and Anthony Davis have both missed a fair amount of time this season, and Anthony Davis recently pointed out that the Lakers had more starting lineups than wins this season.

“This year we had more starting lineups than we had wins.”

It is interesting to think about what the potential of a fully healthy Los Angeles Lakers team would be. There is no doubt that the team probably would have been better if given time to gel.

Perhaps the Los Angeles Lakers will still get to see Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James in action together next season. Russell Westbrook has already expressed interest in running things back on the Los Angeles Lakers.

That’s the plan. But nothing is promised. You kind of have to take it one day at a time each day. Like I’ve said all season long, you’ve got to play the cards you’re dealt. Yes, we want to be able to see what htat looks like, what that entails over the course of an 82-game season, but we’re not sure if that’s guaranteed either. So I just hope we get the chance to be able to do something.

Hopefully, the Los Angeles Lakers are able to improve and become a better team next season. We’ll see what sort of changes the Los Angeles Lakers front office is able to make to the roster going into next season.

As of now though, the Los Angeles Lakers will have to finish off the rest of the regular season and try to forget about this nightmare year. Perhaps they’ll fare better in the future.

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