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Frank Vogel Had A Sad Comment On The Lakers’ Season

t finally happened on Tuesday night: the Los Angeles Lakers are officially out of playoff contention and their season is over days before the play-in tournament.

When the season began, there were people who thought this Lakers team was going all the way and making the Finals.

Then it became quite apparent that there were serious hurdles to overcome.

As time went on, the struggles only increased and the team looked like a total mess.

The team and coaches have been trying to put a happy face on this situation all season but now even they can’t deny how bad it was.

ollowing Tuesday’s elimination, head coach Frank Vogel had a few words to share about the disappointment he felt.

He said he was, “extremely disappointed. Disappointed for our fanbase. Disappointed for the Buss family.”

Vogel has every right to be disappointed – and all of the groups he listed also have every right to be disappointed with him.

Farewell, Frank

Now that this trainwreck of a Lakers season is over, the team’s front office is going to focus on how to rebuild quickly.

They still have LeBron James – for at least a few more seasons – so they have a player to obviously build around.

Everyone else should be considered expendable, including Vogel.

In fact, it feels like a foregone conclusion that this will be the last week that Vogel is coach for the team.

But Vogel won’t be the only one making an exit.

There are many other players – including Russell Westbrook – who are probably nearing the end of their time in LA.

The unthinkable has happened: the Lakers have failed miserably.

Now it’s time for them to figure out how to make sure it never happens again.

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