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Carmelo Anthony on Lakers’ lost season: ‘We just didn’t get it done’

The Los Angeles Lakers’ season effectively came to an end on Tuesday night when they fell to the Phoenix Suns 121-110. While there are still games left to be played, the defeat officially eliminated the Lakers from playoff contention.

Given that this group entered the year with title aspirations, the disastrous way the season played out will go down as one of the biggest letdowns in franchise history.

After the Suns game, Lakers star Carmelo Anthony got brutally honest about the experience.

“I would say this is a season where we just didn’t get it done,” Anthony said. “We had the tools. Some things were out of our control and some things we could control and some things we couldn’t. It’s nothing more than we didn’t get it done. You can’t make no excuses about it. We just didn’t get it done.”

That being said, Anthony still felt like the Lakers held their heads up as much as possible despite the struggles they faced.

“We stayed together,” he continued.

“You didn’t see much of guys straying away from each other. It’s weird. We knew our backs were against the wall. I think situations like this and seasons like this it’s easy for teams to kind of just go their own way when things get thick and backs against the wall.

“Again, I didn’t see none of that. I didn’t experience none of that in the locker room, in practice, on bus or on the plane. None of that. Guys were still locked in and understanding what was at stake.”

Still, Anthony was careful to reiterate that he wasn’t backing away from the failure that was this Lakers’ season. He knows the team came up short.

“Now the wins didn’t add up to what we were feeling and what we knew,” he added. “Again, we just didn’t get it done, man. That’s all I can say. We didn’t get it done.”

Anthony decided to join the Lakers this past offseason after pumping fresh life into his career during a multi-year stretch with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Throughout this season, Anthony attempted to remain upbeat regarding the Lakers’ campaign. Often times, the 37-year-old served as the lone bright spot for Los Angeles.

It will be interesting to see where Anthony and the Lakers go from here. 

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