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Before The Season LeBron James Jokingly Predicted That Russell Westbrook Won’t Be A Good Fit, And The Prediction Came True: “I Don’t Think This Will Work, Russell Westbrook”

Russell Westbrook joining the Los Angeles Lakers was a move that had a lot of people excited but just as many were asking questions about his fit alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Doubts were raised about whether they would be able to achieve success with Russ on the roster and this season emphatically showed that no, they in fact couldn’t make it happen. 

Anthony Davis may have spoken about the injuries and the lack of playing time for them but the fact remains that at no point this season did the Lakers look comfortable with Westbrook on the floor. And like with a few other things the team said at the start of the season, something along those lines in regards to Russ and his fit on the team has come back to haunt LeBron James. 

When doubts about the Lakers were being expressed by some people in August, LeBron James had shared an Instagram post about training with Westbrook, sort of making fun of the people that were doubting them. 

“Work with the Brodie! I agree I don’t think this will work @russwest44. .”

An NBA fan on Twitter, Mark Jackson’s Burner, joking brought it up, suggesting that LeBron knew that it wouldn’t work out even before the season started and other fans took the opportunity to roast LeBron a little about the whole situation.

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