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Odds Show A Long Fascinating List For Next Lakers Head Coach

While some people are betting on which teams have the best chances in the upcoming NBA playoffs, other people are gambling on who will become the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Honestly, the question of who will coach the troubled Lakers next is a good one and raises a lot of possibilities and questions.

A new list of odds-on favorites for the position has emerged and it’s got quite a cast of characters.

Former New York Knicks coach and current Lakers assistant coach David Fizdale sits atop the list with +350 odds.

Following him, you see Utah Jazz HC Quin Snyder and Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers.

Then you see a few other NBA regulars such as Nick Nurse, Mike Brown, and Sam Cassell.

But there are a few more far-fetched names too.

Phil Jackson is +10,000, Mike Krzyzewski is as well.

And none other than LeBron James sits at the bottom of the list with +15,000.

The Hunt Is On

No one really knows who will get the head coach spot in LA.

Most speculation has said that the front office is very interested in both Snyder and Rivers.

However, both of them are currently coaching teams elsewhere in the association – although there are rumors that their times with those teams are ending.

Meanwhile, Fizdale makes a lot of sense because he is working for the Lakers right now.

However, LA is insistent on finding a coach who can lead the team to victory right away and they might not be certain that Fizdale can accomplish that.

One thing is for sure: Frank Vogel should be packing up his bags right now because he is most definitely leaving LA in the next few months.

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