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LeBron James To Draymond Green: “My Brother, My G! Love You, Kid! Best Of Luck For The Postseason! Almost That Time Again!”

The season is over for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, a stellar scoring run from the King was not enough to secure them a spot in the play-in tournament, and the franchise and their star will now think about how to readjust and tackle next season. That doesn’t mean James won’t be keeping an eye on what’s happening in the playoffs though, LeBron is as big a fan of hoops as any of us. 

And it seems he’s wished the best of luck to a longtime rival who has become a friend in Draymond Green, going on Instagram to wish Draymond the best as the Warriors embark on their postseason run. LBJ expressed his love for Dray, who happens to share an agency with him as a Klutch athlete. 

“My brother, my G! Love you, kid! Good luck in the postseason! Almost that time again!

LeBron James enjoyed a lot of epic battles with the Golden State Warriors when he was a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers he’s lost to them in the NBA finals on 3 occasions. Additionally, Draymond’s style of play meant that he was always a pest when facing James and his teams, but all that seems to be water under the bridge for now. 

With time having past following the rivalry, LeBron is showing love for a lot of Golden State stars, including Steph Curry. Just recently, he spoke about how he would love to play alongside Curry in the NBA, which is quite the admission when it comes from a star of James’ caliber. 

The Warriors will need some luck to back up their obvious talent in the playoffs, the Western Conference is stacked with good teams. The Denver Nuggets and The Dallas Mavericks are scary in their own right, but the Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns look borderline unstoppable. GSW and Draymond have the winning pedigree though, so they will be confident in their abilities going into the season.

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