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Jackie MacMullan Questions What’s LeBron James’ Biggest Motivation Right Now: “I Don’t Know What’s Most Important To Him Now… Trying To Catch Michael Or Play With His Son?

LeBron James and Michael Jordan will always be compared to each other after they both dominated the game and made history, winning individual and collective awards, while destroying opponents on the court. 

Using different methods, they became the two greatest players of all time, with Jordan ranking higher than Bron according to many fans. It seems like His Airness has secured that title after James was eliminated from playoffs contention this season despite having a superteam behind him. 

He will play his 20th season in October, trying to bounce back from this failed campaign with the Purple and Gold. James’ career is already in its final chapter, and nobody knows if he will be able to win more championships in the future. Jackie MacMullan recently wondered about LeBron’s plans, questioning if he’ll favor competing for championships or will try to extend his career so he can share touches with Bronny James in the league. 

Talking on the Ryen Rusillo Podcast, the veteran analyst had this to say:

“Doesn’t he [James] wanna catch Michael [Jordan]? I don’t know what’s most important to him now… Trying to catch Michael or making sure he controls his own destiny so he can play with his son?… You can’t tell me that he doesn’t wanna catch Michael.”

“And if he stays with the Lakers how on earth is he gonna do that? How? What flexibility do they have for their roster next year? They’re locked into those guys. What are they gonna do?”

LeBron has made it clear he intends to play with Bronny in the association; he’s trying to make that happen and has stated that whoever gets the young man will get him. We’ll see the 17-year-old make it to the league in a couple of years, and seeing LeBron’s level this season, it won’t be hard for him to still be decent and make good contributions to a team. 

Time will tell if he can tie Jordan’s six championships, but that’s unlikely right now.

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