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Young LeBron James Was A Monster: Destroyed Four-Time DPOY In 2006 Playoffs As A 21-Year Old

LeBron James has been a phenom in professional basketball ever since he was drafted in the 2003 Draft by his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. However, nobody expected how quickly LeBron would change the fortunes of his franchise, one of the poorest performing franchises in NBA history.

LeBron would lead the Cavaliers to the 2005-06 playoffs with a 50-win record, good for the fourth seed in the East. The Cavaliers would beat the Washington Wizards in the first round, a series where the Cavaliers were expected to lose to the better-rounded Wizards led by Gilbert Arenas, but LeBron infamously psyched Arenas out and led his Cavs to a series win in 6 games.

The next round brought the five-time reigning Conference Champions Detroit Pistons in the second round, where the Cavaliers did fail. However, it was a seven-game series that nobody expected to see go that long. But it did, all because LeBron James was unstoppable.

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