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LeBron James’ Brilliant Life Advice: “Don’t Be An A**hole To People. Cause You Never Know Who The F**k You Might Be Talking To.”

LeBron James has gone through almost everything that life has to offer. Growing up raised by his mother, LeBron went through the struggles that come with that. His talent ensured that he had a lot of attention starting from when he was in high school and the expectations he faced were perhaps more than any athlete ever coming into a professional league. 

After he made it to the NBA, LeBron had to constantly perform at the highest level, and portray himself well off the court as a role model for several young kids. He managed to do most of these things to a high degree and his life has given him a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful and make it to the very top of the field you choose to be in, something that he has often shared with other NBA stars

Speaking on The Shop, LeBron had a piece of advice to give to people that can be used in any walk of life, not just when it comes to sports. The importance of being good to people often gets lost in the modern age, but LeBron emphasized the fact that whoever you meet no matter who they are, might be able to impact your future one day. 

“You gotta have a little luck too, during this journey. Just don’t be an a**hole to people. Cause you never know who the f**k you might be talking to.”

In the age of social media and such, it’s no surprise that the art of connecting with people in real life and being kind to them is getting lost. This advice from James is something everyone can incorporate into their own lives as they aim to achieve success in whatever they have chosen to do. Whether one likes LBJ or not, this particular wisdom simply cannot be taken as anything other than fact. 

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