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NBA World Reacts To The Mark Jackson Rumors

Another day, another rumor about the next head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The latest inside reports suggest that LeBron James is “very enthused” about the idea of former Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson leading the team next season.

Aside from coaching the Warriors before they really blew up and won multiple championships, Jackson also played within the league for several teams.

You can now see him commenting on games from the sidelines for ESPN and other networks.

The news about Jackson’s possible hiring has been the talk of the internet.

People have strong feelings about him on the Lakers – for better or for worse.

Like all things related to the Lakers, opinions are very intense.

The Search Continues

Of course, Jackson isn’t the only name being tossed around as a possible replacement for Vogel.

Doc Rivers , Nick Nurse, Quin Snyder, and others have been mentioned in the last week.

Some Twitter users are confused about the breakneck speed of the coaching rumors.

If you think the move from Nurse to Jackson was fast, just wait.

In the next few weeks, you can bet even more names will come pouring out from behind-the-scenes reports.

Meanwhile, some Lakers fans are wildly enthusiastic about Jackson joining the squad.

It remains to be seen how sincere that tweet was – or why the fan has such belief in Jackson – but there were quite a few people who were very excited about the prospect of Jackson leading the Lakers.

At the same time, others were very disheartened by Jackson.

Jackson’s track record isn’t very deep and he doesn’t have a lot of experience coaching multiple teams.

Plus, he’s never led a team to a championship and that’s exactly what the Lakers want next season.

One thing is for sure: if Jackson does get the job, there will be a mix of joy and outrage at the same time.

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