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Michael Jordan Confirms LeBron James Didn’t Call Him After They Met In His Rookie Year: “He May Have Called A Couple Of Times, But Nothing To The Magnitude Of Kobe.”

Michael Jordan and LeBron James have never had the closest relationship, with LeBron chasing the GOAT for most of his career to become the greatest of all time himself. NBA insider Jackie MacMullan revealed earlier this year that MJ gave a rookie LeBron James his number but LeBron never really ended up calling him to get his guidance. 

Michael Jordan has now elaborated on LeBron not calling him on the Icons Club podcast, something that was seemingly in stark contrast to his relationship with another superstar in Kobe Bryant. Kobe, who always looked up to Michael and also wanted to surpass him, developed a mentor’s relationship with the GOAT, but LeBron it seems wasn’t quite as interested (via Sportskeeda). 

“To his credit, he never called,” Jordan said. “I mean, he may have called a couple of times, but nothing to the magnitude of Kobe.”

Jordan went on to explain that there were no hard feelings between him and LeBron over the situation, suggesting that it would make more sense for LeBron to get advice from Magic Johnson instead anyway, as LBJ’s game has resembled Magic’s throughout his career a lot more than Jordan’s. 

“He should call Magic Johnson,” Jordan said. “His basketball talent is more Magic Johnson than Michael Jordan.”

LeBron James has done excellently for himself and put himself in the conversation to be considered the greatest player to ever do it, although many would still say that the title still firmly belongs to MJ. 

Considering that the main knock against LeBron has been a lack of ‘killer instinct’ after making it to the biggest stages, perhaps a little guidance from Jordan wouldn’t have hurt him on that front. MJ was known for being ruthless, and it was a large part of what drove him to the heights he went on to achieve. Regardless, LeBron has made his way in the league, and there can be no disputing the fact that he’s made himself an icon as well. 

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