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Jay Williams Says LaMelo Ball Could Become The Next Superstar For The Lakers After LeBron James Retires: “When I Look At LaMelo Ball, I See Nothing But Purple And Gold.”

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Charlotte Hornets guard LaMelo Ball has spent just two seasons in the league and fans already have high hopes for him. After a strong rookie season, LaMelo elevated his game to another level and earned a spot on the 2022 All-Star team.

He has improved his game in all departments and is expected to one day become one of the best players in the league. Despite all his efforts this season, he failed to take the Charlotte Hornets to the playoffs.

The Hornets finished 10th in the Eastern Conference and were eliminated from the play-in tournament at the hands of Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks. Although Ball’s career is just starting to take off, many are already wondering if he will stay with the Hornets for a long time.

After all, every player in the NBA wants to win the glorious Larry O’Brien trophy. And to be honest, the Hornets are still far from constructing a championship-level roster around their All-Star point guard.

So if Ball indeed decides to start a new chapter in his career, which team might he sign with? That’s the million-dollar question. NBA analyst Jay Williams weighed in on this and believes that Ball might play for the city of angels in the coming years.

When I look at LaMelo Ball, year 5, three years of from, right? How old will LeBron James be in three years from now? What? 40-41? I look at that as a serious transition piece. I’m telling when I look at LaMelo Ball, I see nothing but Purple and Gold. It’s written over the way he dresses, the style in which he pulls up to games. It relates to his whole social media image, where he’s from and his dad has so much to do with how things are orchestrated even with Lonzo getting there the first time.”

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