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Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Shaquille O’Neal For Saying Nobody Fears LeBron James: “Where Have You Been For The Last 18 Years?”

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Shannon Sharpe didn’t like Shaquille O’Neal’s remarks about LeBron James not being feared by his competition. The King has taken a different approach against rivals, always showing a good face, trying to help the new generation, and pretty much being a cool veteran. 

However, that doesn’t mean he’s not trying to destroy rivals and get as many wins as possible. Well, it seems like that’s a big factor for Shaq to say that nobody fears LeBron in the current NBA.

During a recent edition of “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” the 4-time NBA champion claimed that everybody respects LeBron but nobody fears him. 

“LeBron is my guy, but nobody was ever scared of LeBron. So, if you’re not scared of a guy, you just have much more confidence. That’s a dangerous guy to play with. They respect him, but they don’t fear him ’cause I can tell, I watched him playing against them, they not scared.”

Sharpe reacted to these comments, calling out Shaq for saying that, breaking down a couple of situations that he believes were created by LeBron James. The former NFL player-turned-analyst went off on Shaq, even reminding him of some of his worst losses. 

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