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Kobe Bryant Wanted To Train LeBron James’ Sons To Be More Aggressive About Scoring: “LeBron James’ Kids Pass Too Much. I’ll Fix That.”

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LeBron James has stated in the recent past that he would love to play alongside his son Bronny James if and when the youngster makes it to the NBA. Bronny has impressed in the games he has played lately, his recent mixtape shows signs of promise and the expectations from him are likely to be high considering who his father is. 

And while the pressure will definitely be a factor, being the son of one of the greatest players of all time has it’s benefits as well, Bron’s children have the benefit of being surrounded by basketball’s greatest their whole lives. His younger son Bryce is also playing basketball, and is another big prospect, currently at Sierra Canyon High School. 

One of the greats that was quite interested in the blossoming careers of the James’ kids was none other than Kobe Bryant. In fact, as per a story told by J. A. Adande, Bryant once told Gloria James, LeBron’s mom, that her grandsons passed the ball too much and that if they sent the kids to Kobe, he would ‘fix that’. 

“LeBron is LeBron, and we can’t help who we are. Kobe thinks he still has a chance to change the next James generation though. He saw LeBron’s mother, Gloria, in the hallway outside the locker rooms and told her he’d been watching her grandsons’ blossoming basketball talents. He had only one critique:

“‘They pass too much,’ Kobe told her. ‘Send them my way, and I’ll fix that.'”

Kobe is of course, one of the most elite shotmakers to have ever played in the NBA, and he was known for making the toughest shots over passing the ball during his career. This is different to LeBron, of course, who while also having scored a ton of points, has always placed emphasis in getting his teammates involved and making the right plays. While Bryant will unfortunately never get to see the James kids play at the highest level, his advice will surely be something they have taken into consideration.

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