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Shaquille O’Neal says he’ll coach Lakers for $25M per year

If the Los Angeles Lakers want someone familiar with the organization as their new head coach, Shaquille O’Neal is available. He won’t come cheap, though.

Shaq weighed in on the Lakers job on “The Big Podcast” and named his price if the organization wants him: $25 million per year over four years.

“If the Lakers offer me $25 million a year for four years, I’ll coach the Lakers,” Shaq said. “I need a four-year contract. I’ll coach them right now.”

For reference, San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich is the NBA’s highest-paid coach at $11.5 million per year. In other words, O’Neal knows he’s setting a price that he’d never get. He definitely understands the instability that comes with the Lakers job, though, hence the demand for a four-year pact.

Shaq is not a legitimate candidate for the job and he knows it, so he’s just having fun here. Based on what he said about the players toward the end of the season, he probably would not want the headache.

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