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Buddy Hield Apparently Follows LeBron James After Russell Westbrook Deletes All Lakers Photos

Is there something going on in Los Angeles?

On Instagram, star guard Russell Westbrook raised some eyebrows when he cleared all Lakers pictures (and pics from his time with the Rockets and Wizards) from his social media.

One NBA fan posted a screenshot of Russell Westbrook’s Instagram page on Twitter, and it appears he has removed all mentions of the Los Angeles Lakers, and all posts of him in the purple and gold of the Lakers. It appears Westbrook may have closed the door on this chapter of his career and is looking to greener pastures as he enters the offseason with his future uncertain.

In the aftermath, some have taken the behavior as a sign that Russ has moved on from the Purple and Gold and will, at some point, be sent to a new team this summer.

Now, fans are focused on what may have happened a few hours later. 

Apparently, Buddy Hield gave LeBron James a follow on IG shortly after the Westbrook purge (unconfirmed) and it has folks speculating that some big shakeup could be in the works.

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