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LeBron James Reacts To Russell Westbrook ‘1 Of 1’ Instagram Story: “Him!!! Solid As They Come”

Russell Westbrook seems to be on his way out of Los Angeles after a tumultuous season with the Lakers. The former NBA MVP landed in SoCal ready to make an impact and help LeBron James and Anthony Davis win the chip for the second time in three seasons. However, none of that happened and the Lakers couldn’t even make it to the play-in tournament, recording one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history. 

Many fans and analysts blamed Russell Westbrook for this disastrous season, but more factors made this Lakers team bad. The bad comments made Russ leave social media for a while and he recently came back to Instagram, posting a video with a Nipsey Hussle audio telling people to stop putting their expectations of him on him.

“I learned when I was younger, I learned you can’t put your expectations of me on me. I’m me. You’re not gonna ever make me feel bad for it. Make me react to how you’re reacting to me. I don’t care, I’m me. Part of who I am, you know it’s disrespectful, crossing the line like basic things, I’m gonna check myself. We’re all individuals, so for you to think my balance or my ratio, I’m too this or too that, and I ain’t got enough of this or enough of that, that’s all love, just keep it to yourself.”

As it happens with every Westbrook post in recent times, this one caught a lot of attention and many people within and outside the NBA reacted to it, praising the veteran point guard. LeBron James was one of those who reacted to the post, confirming that he still has the utmost respect for Russ despite all the struggles this season. 

“HIM!!! Solid as they come,” the King commented on the post. 

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