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Isiah Thomas Says James Harden Is No Longer On The Same Level as LeBron James And Kevin Durant: “You Gonna Get Treated A Little Different By The Rest Of The League, The Officials, The Fans, And Your Teammates.”

After a subpar showing all season long, some serious questions have surfaced about James Harden’s future and his status as a superstar in this league.

With a very crucial summer on the horizon, there’s a chance that Harden could miss out on getting a big-time extension from Philly. If he does, Isiah Thomas says the implications will be far-reaching.

“There are max players, and then there are max players who have different status,” Thomas explained (h/t NBA TV on Twitter). “LeBron James, Kevin Durant — they’re max players and they got A+ status. And then there are other max players in the league who don’t have A+ status, but they still have max status. Now, if you don’t have max status, and you’re James Harden, you’ve been at that level, then you gonna get treated a little different by the rest of the league, the officials, the fans, and your teammates.”

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