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Anthony Davis Once Said His Injury Is The Only Reason Suns Beat The Lakers In 2021 Playoffs, And Now Fans Think He Might Be Right

The Game 7 loss to Dallas on Sunday has changed everything for the Phoenix Suns. Just last week they were favorites to win the title, but now there are suspicions that their Championship window has already closed.

Things are so bad, some fans are even looking back to illegitimate their Finals run last year.

Back in March, Anthony Davis made headlines when he suggested the Lakers would have won their first-round matchup with Phoenix in 2021 had he been healthy. At the time, it was a hot take that almost everyone found ridiculous.

The Phoenix Suns shocked the world when they advanced to the NBA Finals last season. To beat the Lakers, Nuggets, and Clippers in one postseason really showed a lot about who they were.

According to Anthony Davis, though, they never would have gotten past the first round had he been healthy for the entire series. In a recent chat with the media, he dropped the bombshell:

Anthony Davis, asked if his groin injury is the main reason the Lakers didn’t beat the Suns in the playoffs last year, says: “It was … We know that. They know that … They got away with one”

In light of Phoenix’s epic meltdown, however, fans are re-thinking AD’s claim. Have the Suns been pretenders the entire time?

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