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Lakers Fans Would Welcome This Blockbuster Trade: D’Angelo Russell And Patrick Beverley For Russell Westbrook, Talen Horton-Tucker, And 2025 First Round Pick

There is no way to tell where Russell Westbrook will end up next season, there are signs that the Lakers might run it back and give it another shot with the point guard. However, the reigning sentiment since almost halfway through this regular season has been that he won’t be on the roster anymore, and people in the NBA universe are often suggesting potential trades for the former MVP. 

The Lakers do need some things to change, so there are sure to be some moves made in terms of their roster, and some Pat Beverley comments on ESPN have gotten the gears whirring in some people’s minds. He spoke about potentially teaming up with LeBron James in Los Angeles, and an NBA fan has designed a trade that could make that happen while also getting Westbrook to the Timberwolves. 

Beverley and Westbrook are both far from well-liked in a lot of NBA circles, so fan reactions to this trade weren’t exactly them being thrilled, but there was some debate about what such a deal could mean for either team or the players involved. 

“Watch Brodie ball out anywhere besides LA.”

“Why would Minnesota take on Russ contract?”

“The Lakers will find ways to ruin Dlo and Pat Bev.”

“Why would the Wolves do that?”

“I love this trade tbh.”

“W for both teams.”

“Bev on the Lakers would be a menace.”

“Why do Lakers fans think anyone wants Westbrook or Horton-Tucker?”

“I just can’t see this happening at all.”

“Why the heck would the Wolves blow up a good thing for Russ?”

It’s easy to see why Timberwolves fans might not want to break some of the squad chemistry they’ve found by bringing in Russell Westbrook for Russell. Horton-Tucker’s stock has also fallen greatly after the latest season, and while it’s fun to think about Pat Bev in a Lakers jersey going against the Clippers, it’s unlikely something like this would take place. 

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