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LeBron James Reveals What Happened The Last Time He Played 1 On 1 Against His Son Bronny: “Last Time We Actually Played, I Shattered The Backboard On A Dunk.”

One of the big stories about LeBron James this season was when he revealed that he would eventually like to play with his son Bronny for a season when and if he makes it to the league. Bronny has recently taken some leaps in his career, he got his mixtape, and overall looks like he has what it takes to make it at the highest level. 

And it’s hard to imagine that he wouldn’t, considering that he has grown up having the best player in the world to train alongside. When LeBron James is molding the foundations of someone’s game like he must have for Bronny when he first started learning, then he is sure to have picked up some brilliant skills. 

But how does it help when the student has to go up against the master? During a recent Q&A LeBron did, he answered questions on several topics. He was asked about Bronny and specifically about whether Bronny can give him a challenge in a 1 on 1 game yet. And James’ response wasn’t an expected one, but interesting nonetheless. 

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