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Bronny James Instantly Regrets Letting Ball Hit LeBron James’ Maybach: “Yo, F**k.”

LeBron James recently was proclaimed to be a billionaire by Forbes magazine. James became the first active player in the NBA to become a billionaire, and only the second player ever behind Michael Jordan to have achieved this feat. Luxury is nothing new to LeBron, who has been a high-profile NBA star for the last two decades now.

As a result, Casa James in Los Angeles is one of the nicest places anyone could call home. It’s a $23 million mansion and an absolute piece of art. Naturally, for a house that lavish, the cars around it need to match up to it.  LeBron’s garage is full of some of the best supercars in the world such as a Lamborghini Aventador, three Ferraris, a Rolls-Royce, a couple of Maybachs, and a Porsche, along with others.

His Maybach 57S was added to the collection over a decade ago in 2008, but has a number plate that simply reads ‘KNG OF OH’. It’s a special little car that Bronny James was terrified of having damaged after he missed a shot and the ball rebounded to hit the car on an Instagram Live.

Bronny showing that fear is a great sign of how LeBron has raised them. Even though he is the son of a billionaire, he understands the value of not damaging his father’s car. 

That Maybach also does have sentimental value to LeBron and is a car he has had for over a decade now with a memorable customized number plate. Considering it was parked outside by the hoop and not inside LeBron’s garage means it probably gets used more often than the other cars at the King’s disposal. 

The ball wouldn’t have done much damage to the car anyway, so Bronny can rest easily. The entire world got to see his momentary fear of consequences when the ball hit the car, and the instant relief when the car was unscathed.  

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