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Lakers Working Out A Notable Draft Prospect

That’s the question that many people are asking right now as it’s been revealed that O’Neal’s son, Shareef, has an upcoming workout with the Lakers.

O’Neal is draft-eligible this year and is being eyed by several teams throughout the league.

Yes, it’s not just the Lakers who are kicking O’Neal’s tires and seeing how he works – he also is scheduled to visit the Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks, and Washington Wizards.

Plus, O’Neal recently worked out with the Milwaukee Bucks.

But is he going to be a good fit on any of these teams or does he need more time to perfect his skills?

Just Like Dad

O’Neal started his career playing for UCLA but he experienced a huge setback.

His career was put on hold when he had to undergo heart surgery, which he has now fully recovered from.

Following that, he transferred to his dad’s old school, LSU.

Yet, he wasn’t quite living up to the family name while in Louisiana.

For three seasons, O’Neal averaged 2.6 points in 11 minutes per game.

He has struggled with consistency and has never turned into a steady shooter or defender.

He’s 6-foot-10, which is a bit small to be an NBA center but he’s also not a terrific point-maker.

In fact, he has shot just 24-of-50 from the free-throw line during his college career.

Still, he’s gaining interest across the NBA, which means that teams see something special in O’Neal and can imagine crafting him into a star.

With the genes he has, there is reason to believe that could be true.

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