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When Carmelo Anthony Pranked Fans Pretending He Was A Wax Figure: “He Is Looking Real… Oh My God!”

Carmelo Anthony’s time in New York started pretty well and finished on not-so-good terms, but the moments he lived in the Big Apple are irreplaceable. Melo was the heart and soul of a Knicks team that tried to dethrone LeBron James in the East. Every season, they tried to assemble a team to compete with the King, but they never lived up to the expectations. 

Still, nobody can deny Melo gave his everything to take the Knicks to the promised land while trying to keep fans happy. There was this one time when instead of making them smile, Melo scared them really bad, pranking them by posing as a wax figure. 

Anthony went to a museum to try to deceive people and did it in a great fashion, shocking them whenever he revealed he was the one and only Carmelo Anthony, from the New York Knicks. Instagram page “basketballismyreligion” recently brought back this video, remembering how good Melo got some people. 

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