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Could LeBron follow Brady, consider media career after retirement?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady temporarily flirted with retirement this past winter and gave the first tangible sign that he is not, in fact, an ageless wonder. 

Brady attended the Buccaneers’ mandatory minicamp this week but suggested while speaking with reporters that the 2022 NFL season could be his last as an active player. The seven-time Super Bowl champion won’t stray too far away from the sport, however, as it’s already known he’ll hop over to the Fox Sports broadcast booth as a lead NFL analyst via what’s been reported to be a 10-year deal worth $375 million. 

That kind of cash has a different all-time great thinking about his post-playing future. 

Four-time NBA champion LeBron James turns 38 years old in December and, like Brady, can still win at the highest level but also isn’t getting any younger. It was recently confirmed that James is now a billionaire, and David Scott of the New York Post noted that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar admitted during a recent edition of “Uninterrupted” that he could follow in Brady’s footsteps. 

“When I saw how much Brady signed for you’re g- d— right I considered a career in media,” James explained. 

“My knowledge of the sport and being able to have my insight on the sport,” James added when asked why he’d accept such a gig. “I want to stay around the game forever.” 

Having a celebrity who attracts plenty of attention from non-sports viewers such as James would make for must-see television for either ESPN or TNT. Whether or not either company could afford him is unknown.  

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