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Anthony Davis Spotted Training With Lethal Shooter After Being Criticized For ‘Not Playing Basketball Since April’

Anthony Davis has more to prove next season than at any point prior in his career. Many would argue AD was under the most pressure in 2020 after forcing his way out of the Pelicans to compete for a championship with the Lakers. While the championship was secured, the Lakers haven’t looked close to contention since.

One of the biggest reasons for that has been the unavailability and inconsistency that Anthony Davis has shown. LeBron James averaged 30 points per game this season but was left helpless without Davis. After their early elimination in the regular season, Davis decided to keep his mind off basketball.

In the last week, Davis stated he hadn’t shot a basketball since April 5, which generated heaps of controversy, with analysts and fans attacking AD for a lack of commitment to the game. It seems AD has responded to them by walking the walk instead of talking it, training with shooting coach Lethal Shooter. 

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