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Lakers Fans React To Mock Trade Sending Anthony Davis To The Dallas Mavericks: “This Trade Makes No Sense Even If AD Hadn’t Touched A Ball In 2 Years.”

The Los Angeles Lakers have several questions in front of them and no clear answers in terms of a future. Russell Westbrook seems likely to stay, but with Kyrie Irving similarly not very stable with the Brooklyn Nets, rumors of a potential trade to team him up with LeBron James once again have been floating around. 

James’ situation is uncertain considering that he is out of contract after the 2022-23 season, and Anthony Davis hasn’t been healthy enough to rely on since the Lakers won their championship in the Bubble in 2020. So with all this in mind, everything seems to be on the table in terms of roster moves to go into this offseason and that has led to fans suggesting potential trades involving Anthony Davis as well. 

This would result in Dallas losing their 3 most important supporting members, Jalen Brunson, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Dorian Finney-Smith. And while Mavericks fans may not want to do that for an unreliable Davis, Lakers fans found it even more egregious considering that none of the players coming back have anywhere close to the talent or impact of a healthy Anthony Davis.

“I think if the Lakers do this trade, then they need to trade all three stars. I wouldn’t do this trade without consulting the Bulls, Hawks, Celtics, etc for better offers.”

“This trade makes no sense even if AD hadn’t touched a ball in 2 yrs.”

“Doesn’t make sense, all those players they’re receiving back for AD are mediocre.”

“Zero interest in these Mavs, these guys are overrated.”

“Bro why would the Lakers trade AD right now?”

“That’s a stupid a** trade.”

“Why would the Lakers do that trade, come on now.”

“All those guys combined don’t come close to a healthy AD.”

“Dallas would also never do this, try again, man.”

“So we struggling on defense why would we do this to get worse.”

“Why would u think this was a good trade?”

It does seem like one of the more unlikely possibilities, even if the Mavericks do need a big man to pair with Luka Doncic. They are more likely to chase a traditional center, with names like Deandre Ayton and Myles Turner being discussed. In any case, it’s far from evident that the Lakers are ready to move on from AD and it would take a much better offer than this for a team to tempt them into letting him go.

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