Chris Bosh Shares Throwback Video Of LeBron James, Chris Paul, And Dwight Howard Eating Burgers At A Gas Station Before Their Flight For The 2008 Olympics: "Recorded On My Flip Phone. A Classic."

Russell Westbrook Laughs Off Hilarious Mean Tweet About Him: “Russell Westbrook Dresses Like My 70-Year-Old Uncle With A Timeshare In Florida.”

Russell Westbrook must have developed quite a thick skin over the years, there are very few superstars in the history of the NBA that have been asked to deal with the level of hate that Russ is often subjected to. It has only gotten worse for the point guard since he joined the Los Angeles Lakers last summer, with his regressing performance and the Lakers’ poor results making him an easy target for fans to direct their anger towards. 

And while Westbrook maintained that it didn’t bother him too much because he had his family, his wife spoke out during the season about how it affected them as well. In any case, the Lakers reportedly look set to bring Russ back for next season, and with that in mind, things seem to have settled down for now and Westbrook can laugh about it all. 

He made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s ‘Mean Tweets’ segment too, reading out a tweet from an anonymous person bashing him for his fashion choices and taking it in the spirit of humor. 

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