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Carmelo Anthony Breaks The Internet After Workout Clip With His Son, Kiyan, Goes Viral

10x All-Star Carmelo Anthony may not be what he used to be on the court, but his son Kiyan looks more than ready to take the mantle.

The 15-year-old baller recently grabbed attention online after a clip of his workout with his dad went viral.

Take a look at the video below:

Kiyan isn’t too well known in the NBA community, as he’s still a few years away from playing at the collegiate level. But he is starting to make some waves.

Last week, he got some exposure for his play during some one-on-one duels in the same gym in New York City.

Kiyan, a 15-year-old, has learned a lot from his father and plays just like him, especially when he goes one-on-one. In recent hours, NBA Buzz shared a video of Kiyan hooping at Summit New York courts, showing off his offensive skills on camera.

His jump shot is identical to his father’s. They move very similarly on the court, and even the way they handle the ball is very alike. He was giving buckets to another kid, feeling himself and just showing that he is indeed Carmelo Anthony’s son.

Many fans reacted to these duels, showering Kiyan with praise for his talent and the way he has adopted his father’s game.

Carmelo was drafted way back in 2003 by the Denver Nuggets. There, he blossomed into a star before joining the Knicks and building a legacy there that the city will never forget.

If Kiyan is anything like his father, he will continue to work and play until he, too, makes a name for himself in the NBA and becomes the multiple-time All-Star his dad was during his prime.

From what we have seen from him on the court so far, he certainly has what it takes to become a big-time player.

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