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Lance Stephenson Explains Reason Behind Iconic Clip Of Him Blowing Into LeBron James’ Ear: “I Just Wanted To Win”

LeBron James has had his share of bitter playoff rivalries throughout his career in the NBA. The likes of Paul George and Paul Pierce went at him in multiple playoff appearances, but some rivalries are more unexpected in terms of stature on the court. We saw that in 2011 with LeBron and DeShaun Stevenson of the Mavericks, and we saw it in 2014 with LeBron and Lance Stephenson.

Stephenson was a part of the Indiana Pacers who were led by Paul George in 2014 as they matched up against LeBron’s Miami Heat in the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals. Lance did his best to try and contain James, but couldn’t match up from a skill perspective.

As a result, Stephenson tried to get into LeBron’s head with a lot of non-basketball things. An example of the same could be the clip of Lance blowing into LeBron’s ears during a game. The man who became teammates with LBJ in 2018 has explained what happened there by simply saying ‘I just wanted to win!’

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