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Nick Young Says Andrew Bynum Wasn’t Interested In Playing Basketball: “He Used To Drive In His Ferrari That He Couldn’t Fit In. He Was Outside The Arena Just Doing Donuts In The Ferrari In The Snow.“

The Los Angeles Lakers seem to have a knack for finding amazing talents and nurturing them into superstars. They did that with Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant. In exchange, the two players became superstars in their respective careers and did a lot for the franchise.

Back during the 2005 NBA Draft, it seemed like the Lakers had found another gem. It was the last season before the NBA stopped allowing players from high school straight away to jump into the NBA.

But it felt like the Lakers wouldn’t need to do that after drafting Andrew Bynum with the 10th overall pick. The Purple & Gold were in desperate need of a good center since they traded Shaquille O’Neal. Unfortunately, Bynum’s rookie year was anything but impressive.

Of course, he needed a little time settling in and he did. He played a crucial role in the Lakers’ back-to-back rings in the 2009 and 2010 NBA Finals. However, the fact that he was uninterested in playing basketball. This is evident from the fact that he was out of the NBA at the age of just 26.

Anyway, his former teammate Nick Young, popularly known as “Swaggy P,” recently sat down for an interview. In the interview, he talked about Bynum’s fashion sense and how it was obvious that Bynum wasn’t interested in playing basketball.

(Starts at 8:53)

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