Chris Bosh Shares Throwback Video Of LeBron James, Chris Paul, And Dwight Howard Eating Burgers At A Gas Station Before Their Flight For The 2008 Olympics: "Recorded On My Flip Phone. A Classic."

Grant Hill Discusses How LeBron James Is Treated By Fans And Media: “No Player Has Ever Endured As Much Vitriol, Abuse, And Slander That LeBron James Has Endured”

LeBron James has a proven resume as one of the greatest players to have ever played the game of basketball. The 37-year-old has somehow managed to exceed the expectations set upon him when he was dubbed ‘The Chosen One’ before even playing a game in the league.

LeBron has lived up to the billing and served as the generational pole for this era of basketball, but is still treated in a bizarre way by certain fans and media members. The attempts to discredit his achievements have basically set a new norm in basketball discourse where what someone didn’t achieve has become a bigger point than what they did achieve.

James is reportedly the most trolled athlete in the world of sports, and Grant Hill is sympathetic to the rough treatment James receives. He spoke in support of James on JJ Redick’s podcast, recognizing that no player with the resume of LeBron has ever received such treatment before. 

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