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Darvin Ham On Why Anthony Davis Hadn’t Shot A Basketball For 2 Months: “You Have To Take Time For Your Body, Focus On Your Body And That’s What He’s Doing.”

Anthony Davis has gone from being the player Los Angeles Lakers fans were hoping would become the next main star for the franchise to being the biggest question mark heading into the next season. It didn’t help when a video of him admitting that he hadn’t touched a basketball in 2 months went viral earlier this month, with many using it to question his work ethic and will to get back to his best. 

Davis was at a point where he was being compared to the likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo, who has easily surpassed him at this point. New Lakers Head Coach Darvin Ham explained how and why that has happened, and in his effort to address all the questions that people are asking about the Lakers, he also spoke about why Davis has not worked with the ball on the Rich Eisen Show. 

“There’s that time at the end of the year, that you have to take care of your body. All the pounding, the jumping, the running, especially when you’ve dealt with an array of injuries like Anthony has. You have to take time for your body, focus on your body and that’s what he’s doing.” 

Ham has a plan for Davis and how he is planning to integrate him, something he explained a little bit during another interview recently as well. The coach’s words will be heartening for Lakers fans, who had to deal with the team looking lost at times during the season that just ended. 

The goal for Davis will be to play through the season and perform at the level that he knows he can perform at, and with the backing of his coach and his commitment to being healthy, he can easily do that. AD is a beast in the NBA and it’s up to him to remind everyone of that next season. 

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