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NBA Fans Debate Between LeBron James and Stephen Curry Who Will Win Their 5th NBA Championship First: “Why Not Playing Together For 5th Ring?”

Stephen Curry and LeBron James are arguably the two best players of our generation. While LeBron has been a superstar since almost his very first season in the NBA, Steph was somewhat of a late bloomer.

But whatever be the case, the two superstars went toe-to-toe four consecutive times in the NBA Finals from 2015 to 2018. In those four best-of-seven series, Steph and the Warriors ended up winning three NBA Championships, while LeBron and the Cavs won just one.

Anyway, talking about the 2021-22 NBA season, now Curry and James are playing in the same conference. Unfortunately, it is impossible for them to face each other in the NBA Finals, at least for now.

Since James has switched conferences, both he and Steph have won one ring each. This brings their total to 4 NBA titles each. Of course, James is still far too high than Curry on the all-time list, if the Dubs superstar ends up winning another ring, he will certainly close the gap a bit.

On the other hand, if James wins another ring, it will solidify his place as the GOAT for many NBA fans. So, all things considered, winning the next ring is very important for Curry and James.

But who will win their fifth NBA Championship first? That’s the million-dollar question. Here’s what NBA fans think about it:

originalxprince: “Ya’ll already know steph goin for another ring.”

ybn_brayden: “Hopefully Lebron before he retires.”

fisayo.pg_: “Why don’t they win it together.”

emmanuel_eban: “If AD is fully healthy and can play whole season same as LeBron, and also Westbrick, it’s gonna be Curry (next year) .”

r_amaanullah: “Why not playing together for 5th ring ? .”

ylgudanny: “Curry with that squad.”

almighty.richhh: “The question should be who gone win they 5 mvp or 5 Fmvp.”

jonlito023: “Steph easily. Warriors are so well run he may even pass Jordan. But also it really doesn’t matter regardless. Rings are a team accomplishment. No player has ever won a championship playing 1v5. I think the reality is when Stephs career is all set and done we’re looking at a top 4 of (no set order here just the top 4) Lebron Jordan Steph Hareem.”

8frey9: “Both. Bron wanna join Steph so they can get it at the same time knowin he got more Finals MVPs .”

jrin_88.5: “Curry, golden state finna be a great team for years to come, they got a bunch of young guys & they have they core 3 & Klay will get better next year along with Poole, & wisemen should be healthy, lakers just suck & have nothing but bron.”

Looking at the current teams of the Warriors and the Lakers, the former definitely is better than the latter. So it was obvious that most fans picked Steph Curry to be the one to win the 5th ring of his career before LeBron.

At the same time, many fans suggested the two should join forces and win it together. However, LeBron James has already been rejected by Curry. Anyway, we will find out whether it will be Steph or LeBron who will win their fifth ring next season or some other NBA superstar will become a champion.

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