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5 Blockbuster Trades The Lakers Can Execute On 2022 NBA Draft Night

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: John Collins, Clint Capela, No. 16 Pick, Future First-Round Pick

Atlanta Hawks Receive: Anthony Davis

This trade would feature the Los Angeles Lakers moving on from Anthony Davis, in return for a young power forward in John Collins, as well as Clint Capela and some draft compensation.

While a healthy Anthony Davis is an elite player, it was previously reported that his trade value has dropped considerably. Perhaps the Atlanta Hawks could make a consolidation trade for the Lakers’ star, sending out a John Collins-centered package for him. Anthony Davis’ talent is definitely worth the risk for them, 

Anthony Davis would give the Atlanta Hawks an elite No. 2 option to pair with superstar Trae Young, and there’s no doubt that he would increase the talent level on their roster. He is a do-it-all big man that has shown that he is a championship-caliber 2nd option, and he is individually better than both Clint Capela and John Collins. In this scenario, the Atlanta Hawks would also be able to keep valuable players such as Kevin Huerter and Bogdan Bogdanovic, so perhaps they could be a force in the Eastern Conference.

For the Los Angeles Lakers, this trade would give them durable players that can withstand the regular season. Their lack of youth and athleticism was noted during the season, and John Collins and Clint Capela would provide just that. They would provide starting-level players at the PF and the C positions, and they are both reliable starters. John Collins in particular has a lot of upside, and he has shown that he can thrive in a bigger role in the past. Notably, Collins would provide much-needed spacing at the PF position, as he is an elite shooter for a big man. 

The draft compensation provided by the Atlanta Hawks in this scenario would help the Los Angeles Lakers get some young prospects on the team. The No. 16 pick from this season’s draft could be used to draft a prospect that would contribute immediately, while the future pick could be used to do the same thing if the Lakers are still competing in the future.

Overall, this trade would let the Los Angeles Lakers move away from being a top-heavy roster, and create a more balanced squad. This would definitely be an earth-shattering move for the franchise, but perhaps having a well-rounded team would make it worth it.

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