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NBA Fan Posts Video Of Who LeBron James Would Trade For Kyrie Irving: “Him, Him, Him, Bodies.”

A reunion for the duo of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving may be looking likely after yesterday’s reports that suggested Kyrie will be looking to move on from Brooklyn after the team and player were at an impasse in contract talks. The interested teams for Irving have been the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Knicks is more of a realistic destination, as they can give reasonable assets to the Nets for Irving or make room to sign him as a free agent. The Lakers are the more interesting and flashy option, as the Lakers roster is not looking like it is in good shape, with them not having the assets to trade for Irving or even the cap space to sign him.

But when a superstar wants something, he usually gets it. NBA superfan and podcaster Josiah Johnson knows the value that Irving would add to the Lakers and made a meme about how LeBron would trade most of the Lakers team if that could get them Kyrie on the squad.

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