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NBA Analyst Comments On Why The Lakers Should Pursue Kyrie Irving

It was revealed yesterday that there is a chance Kyrie Irving will be leaving the Brooklyn Nets.

It was also revealed that one of the teams that could be a possible landing spot for Irving is the Los Angeles Lakers.

Some people thought the whole idea is unbelievable and that Irving is simply trying to get a better deal out of Brooklyn.

Others think Irving in Los Angeles would be a horrible fit.

But NBA writer Sam Quinn says the Lakers should go for it.

“If the Lakers can get Kyrie Irving without trading LeBron or AD, they should do it,” Quinn said.

He noted that there are plenty of things to be concerned about with Irving but he “really is that good, and his track record with LeBron is that impressive.”

Does Quinn have a point?

All of his baggage aside, is Irving worth it?

Together Again

Irving and James definitely did have some good times playing together with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Sure enough, they were so great together that they led the team to win the Finals.

Yes, it’s been a few years since then but the idea of Irving and James playing together again is tantalizing because of the potential.

Irving can still play ball (27.4 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 5.8 assists this last season) and when he’s enthusiastic about the team he’s on, he’s even better.

James, on the other hand, has made no secret about his desire to play alongside his friends.

Therefore, it stands to reason that both Irving and James would be very excited to team up again.

But will it happen?

There are a lot of moving pieces – and a lot of financial issues – that will need to be figured out to make this happen but it’s not an impossible idea.

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