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Lakers Fan Ponders A Thrilling Question Featuring LeBron And Kyrie

What are the chances of Kyrie Irving playing for the Los Angeles Lakers?

That’s the question that so many NBA fans are asking today after it was revealed that Irving may leave the Brooklyn Nets for a different team, including possibly the Lakers.

To some, the idea of Irving playing with LA sounds like a headache in waiting.

The player brings a lot of baggage with him everywhere he goes and is sure to create some more tabloid-worthy headlines.

But other people think the idea of Irving in purple and gold sounds terrific, especially since he’d be once again playing alongside LeBron James.

Sure enough, the reunion of Irving and James could be something truly special – it could even lead to another Finals appearance for both of them.

But what are the chances of all this coming together and becoming a reality?

And would it really be worth the hassle?

Another Finals Run?

We all know that Irving and James found some serious success the last time they played together.

Remember when they won the NBA Finals, overtaking the Golden State Warriors in a historic way?

These are two guys who played off one another incredibly well.

But would that be the case in LA?

If it were any other pair, doubts would be understandable, but these two guys have stayed very consistent despite their ages.

Irving has been averaging 27.4 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 5.8 at 30 years old.

Meanwhile, James has been dropping jaws with 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.2 assists at 37.

Now imagine those two forces combined, alongside Anthony Davis in the frontcourt.

On paper, it sounds like a recipe for success.

Yet, so did the combination of James, Davis, and Russell Westbrook.

This could be a dramatic, iconic reunion – but it could also be troubled and lacking too.

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