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Let’s Set Odds: Will the Lakers Miss the Play-in Tournament in 2023?

Last season was an absolute disaster for the Lakers. The Russell Westbrook trade was a total flop. He could not figure out how to play with Lebron, and Anthony Davis spent another season on and off the injury report. 

The team finished 33-49, missed the playoffs and even the play-in game. They’ve now missed the playoffs in two of Lebron’s four years in LA. At least they get a lottery pick to help save the day. Oh wait, they traded every pick ever for Anthony Davis. Sure. They won a ring and that’s what this is all about, but the Lakers are in a very bad spot heading into next season. 

So, will the Lakers be able to avoid the Play-in Tournament next season?

Let’s set odds. 

Los Angeles Lakers Play-in Tournament Odds

This may make it seem like I’m high on the Lakers next year and expect them to reassert themselves as a threat in the West, claim a top five seed, and contend for a title. That could not be further from the truth. The reason I think LA will avoid the play-in is because I think they will miss the playoffs outright. This team is capped out. Who would take on Russell Westbrook’s $47 million contact for next year? Westbrook cannot play without the ball in his hands, and he will not have the ball in his hands on a team with Lebron. 

I still think that at their best, Lebron and AD are the best duo in the league. Yet they have not been at their best since the bubble in 2020. Lebron is 37 years old and he can carry a team for stretches, but not the same way he did a few years ago. Anthony Davis might actually be aging quicker than Lebron. At just 28 years old, he only played 40 games. These two need help and there is no logical way that they can get any this offseason. 

Now the Lakers are trying to recruit Kyrie Irving to come to LA. That’ll work out well, because Lebron and Kyrie have never had problems before, and Kyrie is exactly the reliable player that the Lakers need.

Irving has played just 103 games in three years in Brooklyn — only 29 a year ago, because he refused to get vaccinated. 

Get ready for hard-times to continue for the Lakers and Lebron to bolt for the Las Vegas expansion team in a few years. 

Also baked into these odds are the fact I could be monumentally wrong and they could be the one seed. I actually feel like that is more likely than another 7th or 8th seeded Lebron James Lakers team.

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