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Photo Shows Shareef O’Neal In The Perfect Uniform

Are the Los Angeles Lakers about to land another basketball player with the last name of O’Neal?

That’s what everyone is asking right now as Shaquille’s son, Shareef, attempts to enter the league that his father dominated for so long.

The young O’Neal actually just worked out with his dad’s old team, the Lakers, and that has many people online wondering if he’s the next big thing, like his pops.

Others are wondering if he’s only gotten this far because of name recognition.

Diesel Jr.?

There has been a lot of talk about O’Neal in this year’s draft process.

Yet, it’s not guaranteed that he’ll actually be picked by a team on Thursday night.

O’Neal’s time on the court has had its fair share of ups and downs and that’s cast a lot of doubt on his potential in the NBA.

He has played for both UCLA and LSU but has only participated in 37 games over three seasons.

That is because he had a serious heart issue that required surgery while he was attending UCLA.

Then it took him a while to get better and able to suit up again.

When he was on the court, O’Neal didn’t exactly light up the scoreboard: he averaged 2.6 points per game.

Compare that to his father’s career average of 23.7 points per game and you can see why some are thinking that maybe he isn’t a shoo-in for a spot in the league.

The young O’Neal isn’t built like his dad: he’s a bit smaller and doesn’t play the game with the same intensity or size.

Will he be able to carve out his own unique path to being in the league?

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