Chris Bosh Shares Throwback Video Of LeBron James, Chris Paul, And Dwight Howard Eating Burgers At A Gas Station Before Their Flight For The 2008 Olympics: "Recorded On My Flip Phone. A Classic."

Kendrick Perkins Admits He Was Terrified Of Facing LeBron James In Game 7 In The 2008 Playoffs: “This Was The Only Time That I Actually Prayed That Something Happened To Him At Practice. Let Us Get Breaking News That LeBron Tore His ACL.”

Kendrick Perkins tends to have absolutely no filter on his mouth when he’s on camera and it leads to many unintentionally hilarious moments. Perk speaks his mind and isn’t one to worry too much about what he says on record. It has gotten him into trouble with some NBA players like Draymond Green, but that’s not going to stop him from being himself on screen.

He was recently on The Old Man & the Three Podcast with JJ Redick and while the interview was quite interesting in general, one segment raised some eyebrows, when Perkins admitted that he was terrified of facing LeBron James in Game 7 of the 2008 playoffs.

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