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NBA Fans Debate Whether Kyrie Irving And LeBron James Should Reunite On The Lakers “I’ll Shed Some Tears If They Hoop Together Again”

“ill shed some tears if they hoop together again”

“If you are a REAL nba fan you would want Kyrie in a lakers uniform.”

“It’s another disaster in the making if this happens.”

“I wanna se that Sh!t!! Fnck Run it back to 2016 “

“They were unfair together”

“I can’t even lie I want to see this so bad and I want Russ to go to the Nets (just trade Simmons for assets to reload around KD) and for them to meet in just one finals”

“It don’t matter they will only play 20 games together all season.Lebron and Ad not healthy, Of course Kyrie will need his time off…”

“It’s your destiny, bro. Lakers Nation welcomes you with open arms @KyrieIrving”

“It will be the nastiest of the nasties if the get back together!!!!!”

“I so want this but I doubt Kyrie wants to play with Bron”

“My favorite pg is coming to my favorite team just wait on it “

“ME ✋ This duo was “special” when during their years in Cleveland, highlighted by their EPIC 3-1 comeback in the 2016 NBA Finals.

I think “it’s about DAMN time” that we see these 2 play in LA for the Lakers #LakeShow

“As a Lebron fan… ASAP”

“i don’t wanna see kyrie leave the nets because he was a fan of them growing up and he wanted to go there… but kyrie and lebron would win 2 chips right now. “

“Let’s be honest that would be super fun to watch.”

“Yes, it would likely doom the lakers chances, so I’m all for it.”


“LA needs a true guard. With Ky running point LA wins a chip ..”

“If Kyrie can stop his antics and play every game that he is physically healthy, let’s get him.”

“Streetz need It , NBA needs it , The needs it “

Seeing Kyrie and LeBron as teammates once again would be something special and for the most part, fans would love to see it. There are a lot of roadblocks in the way, however, as a sign-and-trade seems highly unlikely. The Lakers do not have any kind of trade package that would interest the Nets, which means the only way for Irving to join the Lakers, would be to opt-out of his player option and sign with the Lakers for the mid-level exception.

That would mean a $6 million contract and we’ll see if Irving is desperate enough to take that big of a pay cut to play with the Lakers.

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