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Nina Westbrook Once Again Criticizes Skip Bayless For Saying ‘Westbrick’: “Today Was A Sad Day For My Daughters And Me. The Fact That You Can’t Respect A Simple Request Not To Try To Tarnish My Family Name is Saddening.”

Skip Bayless is arguably the most controversial sports analyst in the industry today, he is known for criticizing the players he doesn’t think highly of in several creative and somewhat disrespectful ways. His arguably irrational dislike of LeBron James is the stuff of legend at this point, and there are a few more players across the league that Bayless often rants against like Luka Doncic, Stephen Curry, and Russell Westbrook. 

Earlier during the season, Bayless’ constant use of the term ‘Westbrick’ to describe Russell Westbrook was something that Russ and his wife Nina spoke out against. And while Bayless is happy to engage on this front, it hardly stopped him from referring to Russ by that nickname again, something that recently got a rise out of the Lakers guard again

And Nina Westbrook has now once again called Skip out for repeatedly using the nickname that their family finds disrespectful, responding to the same tweet that Russ responded to. 

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