Chris Bosh Shares Throwback Video Of LeBron James, Chris Paul, And Dwight Howard Eating Burgers At A Gas Station Before Their Flight For The 2008 Olympics: "Recorded On My Flip Phone. A Classic."

Kendrick Perkins Is In Awe Of LeBron James’ Longevity: “I’m In My, Like, Second Career… he Averaged 30 This Year. We Are The Same Age.”

LeBron James is legendary for his longevity, the fact that he has been able to play at the highest level for as long as he has is almost impossible to believe. After next season, LeBron will have finished 20 seasons in the league, and he has been and so far, he has been an All-Star in 18 of 19 seasons. 

Since he entered the league as an 18-year-old, James has been one of the most dominant forces, making it to the NBA Finals on 10 occasions, and winning 4 of those. While some may hold that against him, the simple fact that he has been one of the best in the league for this long is a testament to his greatness. 

Speaking on the Old Man And The Three podcast with JJ Redick, Kendrick Perkins spoke about LeBron’s longevity and marveled at what he has been able to achieve during his time in the league. 

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